Geography Workshop – a revamp and re-launch


Geography Workshop Productions was established in September 2015 as a space through which critically and creatively curious productions could be made in collaborations with other production companies, clients, artists, academics and artisans in an effort to make more capacious, inclusive and empowering worlds.


These core values remain as we go forward giving the company freshness and focus in a new logo and web redesign to be relaunched spring 2020.


Our latin motto is Nostrum eat create mundum which translates as ‘it is our duty to create the world‘. In other words, the world is ours to create.


Geography Workshop creates unique bespoke multimedia productions, workshops and events that sustainably and sensitively nurtures producers and their audiences making for more inclusive, enriched outputs, spanning local and global scales. We continue to offer practical ways of working with clients and co-producers with courtesy, integrity, wit and wisdom, looking for ecological, socio-cultural and economically sustainable ways of working while endeavouring to create the highest quality productions and associated merchandise to enrich clients, audiences, and diverse publics.


We look forward to working with you soon,


Dr Jo Norcup
Founder and Director, Geography Workshop Productions.

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