2022 see the beginning of a series of limited edition publications being produced by Geography Workshop Productions.  We are very excited to be creating eBooklets and limited run hard copy Zines that we hope will be of interest and complement our core values and collaborative work that intersect historical resources, archives, art and contemporary ways of working towards more capacious and sustainable futures.

GW eBooklet Series

Our eBooklet series are a collection of free downloadable resources for scholars to access.  If you find these resources of use and have capacity to make a donation to the running of Geography Workshop, then please make a donation on our Ko-fi page 

Please also make sure that you cite our work because these booklets take time to prepare and upload.  Please use the following citation (for GW 2022 booklet): Norcup, J and Geography Workshop (2022) Geography Workshop Virtual Writing retreat 2022 eBooklet.  Geography Workshop Productions.

Please note that the intellectual property and creative creation of these booklets belong to Dr Joanne Norcup / Geography Workshop Productions.  Please do not reproduce these materials without consent and citation.

Free eBooklets

002 Geography Workshop Virtual Writing Retreat 2022 eBooklet.  Please find this booklet for those taking part in the Geography Workshop / HGRG-RGS January Virtual Writing Retreat.

001     GW Virtual Scholarly Retreat  – eBooklet. Designed to support independent scholars support themselves while working on a non-directed virtual writing or scholarly retreat