Trees Of Beeston

Trees of Beeston is an arts and performance informed psychogeographical project that celebrates the arboreal entities that enrich the landscapes and lives of humans and animals living, working, or visiting Beeston in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Between May and October 2018, Dr Jo Norcup will lead a small group of Beestonian tree-appreciators under the moniker ‘The Beeston Tree Appreciation Society’ who will map and record (via words, sounds and pictures) the stories of trees that serve as landmarks and life-enhancers in shaping and making the landscape of Beeston.

These works will inform an online and physical map (to be published by Geography Workshop) for residents and visitors alike so that folks might explore the local geography of Beeston and the living landmarks that endow and make habitable life in this part of the East Midlands.

Workshops to share tree appreciation, record tree and humanimal histories of different trees, as well as improving awareness of the diversity of trees and our knowledge about the specific specimens in Beeston (ecologically, geographically, and culturally) will be further explored in a series of forthcoming workshops and local field trips to be held between September and October 2018 (details TBA).

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