Nostrum est creare mundum: The world is ours to create.


Bespoke consultancy, research, productions, events and learning resources for equitable sustainable futures.

Geography Workshop productions envisage equitable and sustainable futures for the uplifting of the many drawing on historical and geographical ideas and practices spanning the arts, humanities, and science. At the heart of our productions and practice are a set of core values.

Geography Workshop (established 2015) is an independent production company run by its founder, Dr Joanne Norcup.

What we do:

  • Incubate and grow original production ideas to create products, events and experiences to educate, uplift and inform public audiences (see productions).
  • Initial project / production consultations.
  • Collaborative and commissioned research (historical based around archives / qualitative / mixed method research and analysis).
  • Project / production management.
  • Radio programme and podcast workshops.
  • One-off workshop and larger curricular module design (lectures / seminars / tutorials / workshops and field trips with a focus on humanities and critical thinking (history/geography/arts).
  • The creation of bespoke online workshops, retreats, exhibitions and one-off events (talks, lectures, seminars). Half day and full day field trips / tours will resume when COVID safe (see events and workshops).
  • Invited guest speaking.
  • Bespoke one-2-one tutoring/learning support.


  • Leftfield Yoga Studio (LYS) Established by Dr Joanne Norcup in 2022, LYS is Geography Workshop’s sister organisation. Sharing Geography Workshop’s core values, LYS aims to work and support communities of educators, researchers, artists and creatives through the practices of Hatha yoga (breathwork, asanas / poses, yoga nidra, and meditation) in order to nurture the tools of hatha yoga to engender self-care for individuals and collegial communities, and to facilitate practitioners’ capacities to find balance between their inner and outer worlds. Dr Joanne Norcup’s hatha yoga practitioner certificate is 200+ hours accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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